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Earn Commissions

 How You Can Earn Commissions

Commissions are earned by way of a simple 7X7 marketing matrix. We see this matrix as a tree with you, as a new distributor, becoming the trunk of your family tree. The first 7 people you recruit to sell become your first level of branches. Each additional person you recruit will be placed within this 7X7 branch matrix.

When each of your 7 first level branches has its own 7 first level branches recruited, you may add another first level branch, your 8th personal branch. When this 8th branch has filled his or her 7 first level branches you may add another and so it goes. You are not limited in personal width, growth or opportunity.

Each time any distributor orders one 4-pack of any Reevitalize product, commissions are paid on 7 levels of distribution.


Earn Commissions Through 7 Levels
Commissions paid on each 4-pack of
Reevitalize products from your

Your Commissions
Can Add Up

See below the possibility of how your family tree can grow by selling a 4-pack of any Reevitalize product.
(This is only a mathematical example and not a business projection.)

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