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The Party Plan

 How the Party Plan Works

Take these steps to have great skin
and add an extra income
to your family’s budget!

  • Purchase a bottle of Reevitalize Miracle Mist and use it for a week or two. Be certain that it really does make your skin firm and beautiful

  • Experience a few sessions of Reevitalize Miracle Mist under the TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamp with the person who introduced you to the Beautiful Skin Party Plan.

  • Purchase your first seven 4-packs of any Reevitalize product and receive FREE your TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamp. Share the product with your family and friends and observe their results. With their positive changes, many of them will want to tell others of the product. Book a party with them right away.

  • Bring your TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamp and Reevitalize Miracle Mist to the party. Mist one light spray to the back of each guest’s left hand. Gently rub it in until it is dry. Have the guest pull the skin and see how firm it is. Now have them pull the skin on the untreated right hand. Everyone will be amazed at the difference!


  • Next demonstrate on one side of my friend’s face for fifteen minutes and astonish all of the other guests. Then treat the other side of the face for fifteen minutes to create balance.


  • Treat each guest to a few mists of spray and invite each of them either to become a distributor and have a party or to become a client. Many guests will want to become distributors. Some will want to develop their own home based businesses treating others in their homes. After all, who do you know who doesn’t want healthy, supple, soft, gorgeous skin?


  • Set up your TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamp in your home and begin offering Beautiful Skin sessions for $30 to $50 per session or a ten session package for $250. Offer your friends a free session if they will bring two or three new clients with them. Every day will become pay day!

Remember to have your clients bring friends to their sessions. Seeing is believing. It will be fun to have all their frineds become clients or new distributors. And they will tell their friends. Word of mouth advertising is still the best form of advertising possible.


We invite you to join our
Reevitalize Party Team
or sign up
through a distributor near you.

A message from the Founding President
of Beautiful Skin Party Plan, Will Green.