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What is it that allows one cosmetologist to earn a really large income while another earns just enough to make ends meet? The answer is in the little things.

The most successful cosmetologists offer just a little bit more. It could be in the way they acknowledge their clients. It could be in a little extra service. It is always a little something extra that makes your clients feel good about themselves.

You have the opportunity to climb the ladder of success a few more rungs today. Every client over 35 wants to look younger. Suppose that you could make that little extra service you offer give back a youthful glow to your client.

The secret of hiding our age is in having lovelier hands and the answer to lovelier hands is Reevitalize Miracle Mist with immediate results.

Mist one light spray of Reevitalize Miracle Mist to the back of your left hand. Gently rub it in until it is dry. Pull the skin and see how firm it is. Now pull the skin on your right hand and be amazed at the difference.

Reevitalize Miracle Mist also tightens neck and facial skin. How much fun could you have offering anti-aging treatments to your clients right in the styling chair as an amazing conclusion to their hair styling session. Three to five light mists and 45 seconds of face drying with your hair dryer on warm, and your clients will look younger and fresher!

Treat your clients and have them purchase their Reevitalize Miracle Mist from you!