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For Tanning Salon Owners

How would you like to turn your tanning salon into an anti aging center? Suppose that all of the over 40 crowd would beat their way to your door to be younger again.

You probably think this is nuts, but you are in for a surprise!

Reevitalize Miracle Mist misted on the face, neck, chest and tummy thickens and softens the skin. The heat generated from the tanning beds increases the benefit of the mist by multiples.

Results speak for themselves. Mist one light spray of Reevitalize Miracle Mist to the back of your left hand. Gently rub it in until it is dry. Pull the skin and see how firm it is. Now pull the skin on your right hand and be amazed at the difference. Neck and facial skin tightens too!

Reevitalize Miracle Mist is not sold in retail stores and will be a great added incentive to get your clients to return.