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Reevitalize Miracle Shampoo

Reevitalize Miracle Shampoo

It’s not a fun fact that with age our hair naturally begins to thin out, becoming finer and weaker. Actually, it’s downright alarming! But what can we do?

The goal of Reevitalize Products is to find the latest, most natural revolutionary solutions to aging. Our Reevitalize Miracle Shampoo answers the many problems associated with aging hair and is designed to bring back that thick and full feeling to your hair.

  • Volumizes, cleans and conditions in one step.
  • Never weighs down hair
  • No oily or greasy feel
  • Scalp feels fresh — like it can breathe again
  • Makes hair thick with more body

Using the same advanced technology of Reevitalize Miracle Mist, our Reevitalize Miracle Shampoo helps add bounce and body as well as restore lost nutrients required for thick, strong hair.

The natural ingredients of the B vitamins of inositol, riboflavin, para aminobenzoic acid, niacin, and panthenol together with royal jelly, colloidal silver, trace minerals, capsicum, eucalytus, ho shou wu, and helichrysum italicum are known to encourage thick healthy hair and are introduced at a deep energetic level to do their magic.

This is not your average shampoo. In fact, it’s recommended that you let it nourish your scalp for five minutes before shampooing. Shampooing now becomes a therapeutic spa treatment, invigorating your scalp to give you younger thicker hair.